This site is dedicated to our much beloved "Tanka" and our dear sweet “Tezi”

Tanka gave us over 12 years of companionship, loyalty and love. Tanka had a loving soul and a great sense of humor and a love for life that will live in our hearts forever. He passed over the bridge and through Heaven's Gate December 1, 2006. We love you Tanka, forever and for always!


July 13, 1994 - Dec. 1, 2006


1995-2007 our sweet Tezi.

We lost our dear Tezi (Ganderhill Tatezi Spirithawk CDX, WC, CGC, NA, TDI) in October 2007. She was the start of just about everything we have here currently at Spirithawk. We miss her very much.

Butch trying to have some peace and quiet and POPCORN!! (2006)

It seems that whatever Butch might have, popcorn or a bottle of beer, he is surrounded by labbies of all sizes and ages. After a hard day of work, what else could a guy ask for but to be adored by a bunch of little labrador puppies. Since we dont have that many litters anymore, we like to look at this older photo to remember how fun it was. (2007)

                             The SpiritHawk Story (well some of it!)

My husband, Butch, and I started out with Labradors in 1974. While working as a veterinarian assistant, a very nice and well mannered black bitch came into my office looking for a home.  I immediately fell in love with her and took her home. I was raised with collies and had show collies at that time, but the Labrador won my heart and soul. When the collies passed on at ripe old ages, I never went back. I went forward with the Labrador Retriever.  Mostly I did obedience work in the early days. I was also very involved in horses at that time. After many years of doing both, raising Arabians and competing in endurance and long distance riding and trying to work with the dogs, I knew something had to give (Not to mention raising two sons and being involved in their school and sport activities and working as a teacher full time). The horses moved on and the labs stayed. Today the conformation ring along with the performance trials have dominated all my time. 
 My husband and I are both school teachers, so between the dogs and school, we are both very busy. Butch is in his third year of retirement so it makes life easier around here with the dogs. This last year I joined Butch in the land of retirement and now have lots more time to spend with my labbies. Labradors are a passion of mine. then soundness and type is what we strive for.  Our dogs are our family. Now that our two sons are grown and have families of their own, we spend many hours with our Labradors. It has been fun putting this site together to share our dogs. We hope you enjoy it!

Some things never change. The top photo is Butch eating popcorn with our dogs sharing taken many years ago. Many of those dogs are not with us any more.

The photos below were taken 2009 with many different but related dogs that we have now. Still