Future Breedings and Puppies

In order to get the best quality labrador, you may need to wait a bit. Once you have found a breeder and the type of Labrador you like, you need to get on their waiting list and wait. You may need to get on a couple lists to insure a puppy. We are a small breeder, only having a couple litters a year, if that, and our lists are often full before the puppies are even born.  People who fit our criteria on placed on a list. The list is not in order of received but who makes the best puppy owner and where a puppy would fit best with its people. We have the right to refuse placements of puppies to anyone who does not fit our criteria . People who adopt a Spirithawk puppy or dog must feed a quality natural dog food or a raw and natural diet is preferred, follow our vaccine protocol and not neuter or spay until the puppy is done growing at about a year or later.

We sometimes have older pups or adults available to good homes. We hold on to a few, but sometimes they don't fit into our breeding plans and fit much better into good pet homes instead. Whatever their purpose in life, they are always wonderful family pets. Our dogs are placed in homes where they must become a family member and live inside/outside. We will not place puppies to people who will place their dogs in kennel runs or crates for long periods of time. No more vaccines (titer only)  No flea or tick products. Our puppies deserve the best quality homes and an enjoyable life, in return they will give years of loving devotion.  All of our pet puppies are placed  on a AKC limited registration.

Please visit this site to read and learn about some wonderful labradors

                                 waiting for their forever homes.

We love our Kuranda Beds.  There are no other beds around that match their quality and durability. We highly recommend these wonderful and comfortable beds for all our labrador puppy people. You can visit the site below and order your now.

Featured Lab Rescue Dogs!!

Contact Judy at Monteray Bay Labrador Rescue





Make sure to check out the new Labrador Rescue group in Carmel, Ca.

Judy has excellent dogs in need of forever homes. She only places these dogs in the best of environments.

A Veyo offspring...isn’t he cute.

Heidi is a beautiful Lab X and is looking for a forever retirement home. She was a stray that a friend of mine took in, worked with her for a year and now has her up for adoption. She is mostly labrador with maybe collie or sheltie as well. She is a lovely girl and deserves to be on someones couch and pampered for the rest of her life. See all her information below along with contacts.

Scarlet and her puppies will be available after the end of April 2016

A very special breeding has occurred. for 2016. Eight beauties arrived 6/9.  All pups spoken for at this time.

Sire: Fiesta Kemosahbee at SprithawkKemosahbee.html
Dam: Spirithawk Kales LomasiMasi.html