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We are located in a small old mining town in Northern Ca. Both my husband and I were born and raised here and have raised our two sons in this wonderful small town as well. We are both retired teachers who have time and energy to spend with our grandkids and dogs.

We pride ourselves on having just enough dogs to treat them as our pets and family companions. Our dogs live with us as family members. Our dogs live in and out of  our house and are our beloved companions.   We enjoy spending time with them through Showing, Scent Work, Dock Jumping, Obedience, Rally, and more is what we and our labs love doing with our time together.  Our labs have lead us to long lasting and valuable friendships.

We hope you enjoy taking the journey into our Spirithawk Labrador World.

A  typical evening at Spirithawk Labradors

You can get these great beds by going from our link to the Kuranda web site. These are highly durable and comfortable off the ground beds for you dogs.

Members of:

Central Valley Labrador Retriever Club: http://cclrc.org/CCLRC/Welcome.html

Golden Gate Labrador Retriever Club

A fun outing at the ponds with dogs, pictured here is Bay in front and Gaucho in back.


Rest in peace sweet Jena. You were the light of our lives with such spirit and joy.

Click on our u-tube sensation. Our year old lab, Jena, and my son’s Boston Terrier puppy, Franklin, go head to head, paws to paws to see who can be the top tetherball player of the day. Watch it all the way through and you can see Jena score three times and even serve up the ball once. Franklin is the little jet dog that has tons of energy and does a super job even with his small size.     

Cindy and Butch Ellis

Northern California



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      Welcome to my favorite place in the world. Spirithawk Labradors!!! Pictured is our new Logo , gifted to us by Chris Courtney of Galileo Labradors.

Karunda Bed link . They are wonderful!!


Check out our “Puppy” page. Adorable pups available now! One female puppy just came available !!!